Thursday, August 7, 2014


I didn't want to leave you all hanging any longer, but we are HOME. It was a VERY long night but the good news is we are here. Be looking for an update soon:)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


We just booked our flights home and we will be leaving from San Francisco tonight at 10:15 pm PST and arriving in Charlotte tomorrow morning at 9:38 am!:) We are hoping and praying to get some rest tonight on the plane and no delays.

I read this quote by Henry David Thoreau earlier today and really loved it so I am sharing it with you!

"What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what's lies within us. And when you bring what is within out into the world, miracles happen!"

Can I get an amen? 

Prayer Warriors

Right now Gordon's little buddy is back in the OR with Dr. Hanley and his team. Cody has the same heart defect as Gordon and we are praying he will get the full repair today. Please lift this family up in prayer today and in the coming weeks as he recovers from a major surgery. I also ask that you lift his parents up in prayer too as they sit anxiously in the waiting room for at least 12 hours today. We know that The Lord is the ultimate physician and pray that he wraps his loving arms around Cody's family during this most difficult time. Thank you so much for praying for this family with us.

Sweet Cody!

We do have a praise that Gordon's other buddy Ryder did very well during his Cath and other procedures yesterday and will be discharged sometime today. Lord thank you for bringing these special families into our lives. We love them and are so thankful to be on this journey together. 

Gordon and Ryder after dinner the other night!
As far as The Owino's go we are hoping to get on a flight either tonight or tomorrow. We are enjoying our time here as a family but sure are missing Max and cannot wait to see him soon. Gordon seems to be having a much better day today. 

We love y'all!:)

Breaking Free

It was a very long day trying to keep Gordon in the bed and on the monitor! He is so strong, but I am so thankful. He went downstairs for his Lung Perfusion scan which he did very well for. Gordon has a VERY limited vocabulary of about 3 words. One of then being NO and the other being dada and mama. Last year when we were here he did not talk at all. This time he would call for mama anytime anything was going on that he was scared of. There are sometimes when I have to take a step back and let the doctors and nurses do what they have to and it just breaks my heart to hear him calling me in such a sad way:(

So we do not have Lung Percusion results in yet, but they let us be discussed and go back to the RMH. They will get in touch with is regarding those results tomorrow. 

Gordon was extremely agitated and honestly just completely out of control tonight. Please pray that he will not be fearful and not in any pain. Please also pray for patience and wisdom for Arnold and I in how to deal with him in this state under theses circumstances! It is so very hard to discipline your child after all he has been through when your just thankful he is here and able to be out of control. 

As always thank you for your endless love, support, and prayers. 

Here he is breaking free!

Here is our MIRACLE #1 :)

This is the Sasso family. Their son Ryder has the exact same heart defect as Gordon and he had his heart Cath today. Please pray he continues to have a smooth recovery. This family is so very special to us and we are very thankful we get to do this journey with them. Ryder's mom, Lila's mom, and I all planned our trip out here for the same time. Unfortunately Lila came done with a virus and was unable to make the trip. She will be coming in a few weeks so please keep these families in your prayers. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Afternoon Nap!

Everyone is enjoying an afternoon nap but me!:) We are scheduled to go to his Lung Perfusion scan around 3:30 PST. Gordon has had a great day and is beyond ready to get out of here! Will update more after the Lung Perfusion.

Good Morning!

Last night was extremely rough coming out of anesthesia and having to lay flat for 3 hours after his Cath. Gordon was extremely agitated. He was trying to pull out his iv and all monitors! He was ready to bust out of here which was a great sign, yet a frustrating one! We finally got him calmed down and he had a great night. I went back to Ronald McDonald with Adda and Arnold stayed with Gordon. This morning he will be having a chest X-ray and a Lung Perfusion Scan. Please pray that all of this looks good! If all of this looks great we hope to be discharged sometime today!!:)

You are never alone, for above you are God's overshadowing wings (Psalm 91:4), beneath you are God's everlasting arms (Deuteronomy 33:27), around you the angel of The Lord encamps on all sides to deliver you (Psalm 34:7), inside you God's peace that passes all understanding guards your heart and mind (Phillipians 4:7)! 

We love you all so much! We have surely felt the love and all the prayers.

Just hanging out with Adda Claire last night! 

Gordon enjoyed a BIG breakfast this morning!:)

Monday, August 4, 2014


Gordon is out of his procedure and still fast asleep! I went back for a few to see him and he looks great! We are not allowed to take Adda in the recovery room so I am out here with her. Dr. Perry his Cath Doctor here who is one of THE best in the world said everything went well. However he did have some narrowings in his arteries on the right side that had to be ballooned. This will hopefully help him receive more blood flow to his lungs on the right side. Thank you all for continuing to pray. I will be sure to update y'all when we get moved to the floor.